Thermochemical processes

Energy transition process require the use of Renewable Energy Sources coupled with  efficient and flexible thermochemical systems. eLoop has a team of experts who give valuable advice and assistance on this field.

Our Thermochemical processes services include:

Technical analysis

Specialist scientific analysis of innovative and integrated thermochemical processes and technologies of decentralised energy systems.

Comparative analysis of thermochemical processes

We can provide technical support for the selection and/or fine-tuning of multi-fuel thermochemical processes characterised by a high degree of flexibility able to integrate different technologies/processes, implementing a strategy based on the multiplicity and diversification of solutions that can be pursued.

Thermochemical processes design

Technical support for the selection and optimization of small-scale and multi-fuel conversion systems for the production of thermal and electrical energy from renewable sources and biogenic wastes such as agroforestry biomass or organic waste.

Implementation of process sustainability

We are able to identify integrated and sustainable solutions for the valorization of residues, wastes and biological by-products.

Feasibility studies

Literature studies on the feasibility of the thermochemical processes.

Key Thermochemical Advantages

  • Sustainable valorization of residues, wastes and biological by-products;
  • Implementation of integrated thermochemical technologies;
  • Optimization of the efficiency of thermochemical process with reference to the selected renewable energy source/vector;
  • Optimization of multi-fuel systems;
  • Analysis of possible pre-treatment of biomass and biogenic wastes;

Key Technologies

  • Gasification
  • Combustion
  • Pyrolysis
  • Roasting