Environmental Communication

Effective communication of the environmental performance of your products or organization is crucial to gain a competitive edge in the market and establish a strong brand image. 

Our services specialize in creating environmental declarations that enable transparent and credible communication of life-cycle environmental performance based on ISO 14025 and LCA calculations. We provide support for obtaining:

- Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), 
- Product (PEF), and Organizational (EF) Environmental Footprints. 
- For companies based in Italy, we also offer Made Green in Italy certification which is the equivalent of PEF/OEF.

Our services extend beyond environmental declarations, and we also provide support for obtaining:

- Self-declared environmental claims (Type II environmental label based on ISO 14021) and 
- Eco-labels (Type I environmental label based on ISO 14024). 

Trust us to help your organization achieve its environmental goals and improve its market position.