Circularity Assessment

The circular economy is central to Sustainability. It represents a new economic paradigm that aspires to replace the “take-make-dispose” of the traditional linear economy, with the objective of minimizing wastes and retaining materials’ value in the long-term, thus promoting efficient use of natural resources. 

We assess the level of circularity of products and companies to identify challenges and opportunities, support communication and design. We use the following indicators that are developed and used in the scientific literature:

  • Material circularity indicator.

  • Product circularity indicator

  • Component circularity indicator

  • Supply chain circularity indicator

  • End-of-life circularity indicator

  • Resource efficiency indicator

  • Waste prevention indicator

  • Reuse indicator

  • Recycling efficiency indicator

  • Energy recovery indicator

  • Upcycling indicator

“Circularity” does not necessarily imply environmental performance or sustainability. Rather, this must be assessed and demonstrated on a case by case basis. For this reason, we recommend doing sustainability assessment in addition to this.