Today, the development of biotech companies is growing. eLoop has a team of experts who give valuable advice and assistance in this field.

Our services include:

Technical analysis

Specialist scientific analysis of the biotechnological processes, such as biomass selection, biology strategies.

Comparative analysis of biotechnological processes and materials

We can carry out comparative analysis between different bioprocesses and between different biotechnological strategies depending on the type of production.

Bioprocess design

Development of the bioprocess ‘’on demand ‘’ starting from the choice of biomass to the development of the biotechnological fermentation or bioconversion processes, up to the downstream processing with particular attention to the waste flow and the end of life of the products.

Implementation of process sustainability

We are able to identify solutions to transform traditional chemical production processes into biotechnological production.

Feasibility studies

literature studies on the feasibility of the biotechnological processes.

Key Technologies

  • Biomass conversion;
  • Waste conversion

Key Biotech advantages​

  • Green and sustainable processes;
  • Upstream and downstream process optimization
  • Problem solving of production processes;
  • Food and Feed;
  • Bioproducts;
  • Bulk chemicals.
  • Termo-chemical processes