With the "R2R - From Waste to Resource" project, eLoop has created a technological platform with the aim of generating the market for secondary materials. R2R has a dual function: on the one hand, it performs the function of a Trading platform to satisfy supply/demand by creating a network between companies in order to encourage the buying and selling of products deemed waste by a company but which can be considered a source of raw material for other companies and provide its users with a Decision Support tool useful for identifying the best processes for valorizing biogenic waste. Thanks to R2R, companies can have an economic, environmental and social advantage by inserting their waste into the R2R platform.

The project also has the objective of strengthening local and circular production chains for the integrated production of bioenergy and biofuels under different forms of energy carriers, as well as on the valorisation of waste and waste with energy recovery and obtaining biochemicals (monomers and polymers) with high added value through a virtuous B2B exchange system.

The R2R platform also aims to provide a useful tool to evaluate not only the efficiencies in technological terms but above all the economic, environmental and social convenience of new value-chains, to share information and create databases consistent with the industrial needs.

The project has been admitted to the financial concessions under the ERDF CAMPANIA OPERATIVE PROGRAM 2014-2020 - Priority Axis 1 "Research and Innovation - Specific Objective 1.1 - Increase in the innovation activity of companies" - CUP: B63D18000720007, with Concession Decree n . 291 of 07.09.2021.